Intuitive Readings from my Heart and Soul channeled through the Divine Feminine

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My mission is to provide a deeper understanding of one's soul through tarot while spreading the wisdom of the Divine Feminine

Who Am I?

I am intuitive reader, empath and believer in the divine feminine within us all. I feel within women today, Her Presence is greatly needed.

Growing up in a primarily Irish Scottish American background, I was always interested in the ancient Celts. My Aquarius moon soul, was outspoken and eccentric.

Coming from a very diverse family, I had a half Romani step mom and attended powows with half Navajo cousins.

As my interest grew in spirituality, I began heavily researching the divine feminine, gnosticism, astrology, tarot, and the occult in the last ten years, 

I come from a perspective that combines paganism and pagan archetypes such as Aphrodite, Fortuna and Brigid, gnostic figures Mary Magdalene, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the angels and Mary. I practice candle work and read cards.

I truly feel the answer to our disconnectedness lies in embracing the feminine.


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