Intuitive Readings from my Heart and Soul channeled through the Divine Feminine

About Me

My Beginnings

Since childhood, I have always felt the need to tell others of what I REALLY thought about them. I was the outspoken Aquarius moon child always dabbling in the unknown  with the Virgo Libra appreciation for knowledge, detail, and beauty, that brought me here today. 

Who I am

I am intuitive reader, empath and believer in the divine feminine within us all.

Growing up in a primarily Irish Scottish American background, I was always interested in the ancient Celts. 

Coming from a diverse family, I had a half Romani step mom and attended powows with half Navajo cousins.

I began researching the divine feminine, gnosticism, astrology, tarot, and the occult in the last ten years.

I come from a perspective that combines paganism and pagan archetypes such as Aphrodite and gnostic figures such as Mary Magdalene. I practice candle work and read cards.

I truly feel the answer to our disconnectedness lies in balancing the divine feminine with the divine masculine. 

Today and the Future....The Magician Awaits!

I am so very blessed to be doing what I love. In the future, I plan to publish my book based on my blog  and will be showcasing a tarot deck that my Soul Sister and friend Melissa has created.

I currently schedule skype sessions, but mostly I provide tarot readings through recorded videos posted to private links on youtube.

With my readings, you will gain multiple perspectives through multiple card decks I intuit are the best choice for the moment in time that your reading is performed.

I also meet for in person sessions.